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Oscar Winner James Coburn Endorses the Use of MSM

For more than 15 years, actor James Coburn suffered from crippling rheumatoid arthritis. The disease progressed to the point that he was unable to walk. In 1998 he was introduced to Lignisul brand MSM. "It was like a miracle," he says. "The pain stopped. In three days I started to swing a golf club."  

After six months of MSM the actor says that he was virtually free of pain. He returned to acting and in 1998 won the Best-Supporting Actor Oscar for his work in the movie "Affliction." Mr. Coburn has discussed his experience with MSM in several interviews including one from USA Today where he stated " It (MSM) really, really does the job. It's non-toxic, totally, and it stops the pain." He also described the way in which MSM changed his life on the Larry King Show.

Sources: Coburn Beats Back Tough Disease, USA Today Larry King Live CNN April 3, 2000

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