Emerita 100% Natural Cotton Ultra-Thin Pantyliners 24 Pantyliners

By Emerita
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Emerita 100% Natural Cotton Ultra-Thin Pantyliners 24 Pantyliners Product Details


  • 100% Natural Cotton
  • 24 Ultra-thin Pantyliners
  • For Exceptional Breathability
  • Individually-wrapped
  • Chlorine-Free
  • Perfume-Free
  • No Cellulose/Wood-Pulp

You wouldn't wear plastic underwear. So why wear a pantyliner that's not 100% natural, breathable cotton? What you put next to your skin matters. At Emerita, we've been improving the health and lives of women since 1978.

The absorbent core and coversheet of our pantyliners are made from 100% Natural Cotton. There's no cellulose wood-pulp filler, plastic coversheets or polymer additives.

Cotton is naturally fluffy and breathable. Which is important because your vagina is a delicate ecosystem. It likes good airflow to be its healthy best.

  • 100% soft, breathable cotton coversheet
  • Absorbent core is 100% breathable cotton
  • Wide adhesive strip keeps it secure
  • Individaully wrapped
  • Leak guard channels

Suggested Use

For daily use, light days or as a tampon backup
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